Go Electric Podcast With Guest: Stephen Bay, Founder of EarthUp

Go Electric - - is a podcast and YouTube show covering the Electrification and Cleantech Revolution! In this episode, we welcome Stephen Bay to our show. Stephen is the CEO of EarthUp, a software company based in Seattle WA, that is on a mission to accelerate enterprise ESG goals while improving employee retention. EarthUp helps to connect your entire organization to your sustainability mission with the click of a button!

In this episode we discuss:

- Why are so many companies making climate commitments?

- What are the biggest problems and challenges that need to be solved?

- What steps are companies taking and what are the most effective way to reach goals?

- What are some of the reasons we can be optimistic about meeting climate commitments?

- With the adoption of EVs only increasing, what changes need to be made today, if any, to make sure that buildings can provide the charging infrastructure to handle the number of EVs expected to be on the road?

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