Go Electric Podcast With Guest: Buzz Smith the EVangelist

Go Electric - - is a podcast and YouTube show covering the Electrification and Cleantech Revolution! In this episode, we welcome Buzz Smith, the Evangelist, to our show. Buzz is the Founder of EVangelist where he is on a mission to spread all of the good news surrounding electric vehicles. Before starting the Evangelist, Buzz was the #1 plug-in vehicle salesperson, for the entire state of Texas. Buzz regularly contributes to his blog “MyElectricVehicleJourney,” has his own YouTube channel and is a speaker, teacher, mentor and Evangelist. Buzz is also a board member and the Director of Dealer Outreach with the Texas Electric Transportation Resources Alliance.

In this episode we discuss:

-EVs and EV charging as a boon for our economy

-The most common myths about EVs that Buzz is working on dispelling

-Dealerships: Are they ready for the wave on new EVs hitting the market?

-EV and EV infrastructure rebates and incentives

-Upcoming events

-Buzz's favorite EVs that are coming in 2022!

Learn more about Buzz The EVangelist:

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