Go Electric Podcast With Guest: Building Transparency

Updated: Feb 15

Interview with, Stacy Smedley, Sustainability Director at Skanska and Executive Director of Building Transparency.

Go Electric - - is a podcast and YouTube show covering the Electrification and Cleantech Revolution! In this episode, we welcome Stacy Smedley to our show. Stacy is the Executive Director of Building Transparency, an organization that is fostering a better building future by addressing embodied carbon’s role in climate change.

Stacy also serves as the sustainability Director at Skanska, one of the world’s largest development and construction companies, where she has led sustainable initiatives, and is considered a subject matter expert in LEED, Living Building Challenge and carbon emissions associated with buildings and construction.

In this episode we discuss:

- What is Building Transparency?

- What is a carbon life-cycle assessment is?

- How is Building Transparency's Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator, known as EC3 is helping organizations?

- What other tools, such as Tally, does Building Transparency offer?

- Current Building transparency programs including the Carbon Action Network, and the Material Carbon Action network

-How Skanska is going electric, specifically as it relates to EV charging infrastructure and building retrofits

Learn more about Building Transparency at:

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