Go Electric Podcast With Guest: Adopt A Charger

Updated: Feb 15

Interview with, Kitty Adams Hoksbergen, Executive Director of Adopt A Charger

Go Electric - - is a podcast and YouTube show covering the Electrification and Cleantech Revolution! In this episode, we welcome Kitty Adams Hoksbergen to our show. Kitty is the Executive Director of, Adopt A Charger, a nonprofit organization, that is accelerating the widespread adoption of plug-in vehicles through the proliferation of public, fee-free electric car chargers which are “adopted” by sponsors. These charger sponsors include, corporations, organizations and individuals who donate funds that are used to install and maintain EV chargers in parks, museums, beaches and other widely used public places.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Adopt A Chargers latest partnership with Rivian

  • How they are working with National Parks, State Parks, Beaches and other public places

  • EV adoption as an economic driver

  • How utilities are helping the transition to EVs and other electric technologies

  • How to sponsor an EV charger installation

  • Exciting growth planned in 2022

  • Have a location in mind that needs a charging station. Get in touch with Kitty

Learn more about Adopt A Charger at

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