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Updated: Jan 4

These days, your hotel is behind if you’re not considering ESG: environmental, social, and governance impacts on the world around a business.

Hotels are a common culprit for large carbon footprints, but as time goes by, hotels are actively trying to do better when it comes to the environment. The electric vehicle is one way consumers are putting the environment first across the US. In fact, experts predict that 1 in 4 cars will be electric come 2030. Hotels can continue the world’s strong environmental momentum by providing electric vehicle chargers to their employees and guests.

Here at Charge Up USA, we offer electric vehicle charging station installation services for commercial customers across the country. Our simple 3-step process helps you meet your environmental and business needs while still maintaining consistency with your unique budget. Charge Up USA streamlines the process of finding the best EV charging stations, and the best service professionals, at the best price.

Wondering how hotels can contribute meaningfully to sustainability and cleantech this year? Thinking about EV charging stations for your hotel, but curious to learn more about how your industry is adapting to the fast-coming electric vehicle norm? When it comes to installing EV charging stations, our experts are here to help you every step of the way. Charge Up USA is your one-stop-shop turnkey provider of EV charging solutions and we guide you through every aspect of the job from start to finish. Most importantly, there’s no cost to you for our service and we make it all very easy to understand.

EV Charging at Hotels

A quick Google search confirms that hotels across the country are following suit in the electric vehicle phenomenon. Expedia has a category for “hotels with electric vehicle charging stations,” while apps and websites like EV Hotels, R3charge, and Charge Hotels make it easier than ever for electric vehicle drivers to book stays at hotels with charging stations.

14 leading hotel brands have also joined the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

and are committed to making an impact. Marriott International boasts having over 3,000 electric charging in their hotels, sometimes available at no charge for guests. Hilton Hotels also participate in Tesla’s EV charging program.

So, the writing’s on the wall. Hotels are already providing electric vehicle charging stations to their guests, catering to a fast-growing new customer that demands more sustainability. But why bother with such an investment? What do hotels get out of EV charging stations?

Why Hotels Need EV Charging Stations

Apart from keeping up with the competition, hotels can benefit in many ways from EV charging stations. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

1. EV Charging Stations Improve Hotels’ Reputations

For decades, environmental groups condemned hotels’ blatant disregard for the environment, from their haphazard use of plastics, food, and guest waste, and countless policies that don’t consider environmental health.

When hotels begin promoting new green initiatives, they improve their reputation. The modern traveler values ESG, so hotels that consider their environmental impact will appear more reputable to them than the ones that don’t. EV charging stations are just one big way hotels can boost their reputation to their guests.

2. Hotels Attract Luxury Guests with EV Charging Stations

While many affordable EV models are becoming more popular, the reality is that the EV market has some impressive albeit expensive luxury models. On average, EV drivers have double the income of regular car drivers.

This audience has money to spend but needs proper amenities to cater to their transportation needs. By installing EV chargers, hotels can open up their audience to meet the needs of luxury guests and further their revenue.

3. EV Charging Stations Help Hotels Achieve Tax Benefits

Just like electric vehicle drivers are eligible for tax rebates, hotels are eligible for big tax benefits if they invest in EV charging stations. Check out this nifty map of the US displaying each state’s EV tax incentives.

How Charge Up USA Helps Hotels Embrace EV Charging Benefits

At Charge Up USA, we want to take the pain and frustration out of EV charging station installation. We take pride in helping businesses with every step on their path to electrification. From your first consultation to the final installation, we will even help you every step of the way.

Charge Up USA’s Simple 3-Step Process

Take comfort in knowing that your EV charging installation is taken care of by industry experts every step of the way. Here’s how we make the process easier than ever:

Step 1 - Selection: We help your business select the best EV charging solution to meet your unique needs.

Step 2 - Installation: We have a network of expert, certified, and skilled commercial installation partners that help to facilitate your EV charging station installation. Our installation partners handle everything from your site survey, design, permitting, installation, and city approval.

Step 3 - Support: We offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure optimal performance for your EV chargers.

Take Your Hotel to the Next Level with Charge Up USA!

Hotels are experiencing an environmental renaissance, as big hotel chains begin to change their wasteful ways and embrace the benefits of more environmentally friendly policies. EV charging as an amenity has become the norm at reputable hotels, so all hotels must follow suit to compete.

Interested in exploring how EV charging stations can take your business to the next level? Check out our EV Charging Buying Guide. Or, book a free consultation with us to get started on your EV charging journey! Our experts are here to help guide you every step of the way. Send us an email:

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