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Your Guests Will Drive EVs. Is Your Hotel Ready?

Make Your Hotel Even More Desirable
  • Provide a Premium Guest Amenity

  • Attract a Higher Income Demographic

  • Showcase Sustainability Initiatives

  • Meet New EV Charging Building Code Requirements

  • Help Reduce CO2 Emissions

EV Charging Station Considerations 

  • Does my property wish to attract a higher income demographic? 

  • Can I use EV charging services to build brand loyalty? 

  • What will the guest and employee experience be while charging their EV on my property? 

  • Do I prefer to provide the amenity as complementary or charge a usage fee? 

  • Can I use the charging stations to promote onsite food and beverage sales or spa services? 

  • What value can EV charging stations bring to my property? 

You're In Good Hands

Charge Up USA is your one-stop-shop turnkey marketplace for EV charging solutions and expert installation services. We guide you through every aspect of the job from start to finish, and most importantly make it all very easy to understand. No need to spend hours researching solutions, electrical contractors, and shopping for quotes. We streamline the process of finding the best EV charging stations, and the best contractors, at the best price.


At Charge Up USA we vet and approve each one of our certified and licensed expert installation partners. Mistakes on commercial installations can be costly and completing the job safely and to code is our top priority. As a turnkey solution, we help businesses every step of the way, including the design, sourcing, planning, installation, and ongoing service and support.

Whether you're just exploring or ready to install, let our experts guide the way. Don't wait, contact us today!

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