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Attract New Customers with EV Charging

If your dealership is selling EVs, don’t miss out on the benefits of bringing a complete EV charging solution to your lot. EV chargers are a great way to reach customers, who will be more than happy to use your charging stations while they browse your vehicles. By investing in EV charging stations, dealerships can overcome many of the barriers keeping customers from buying EVs. First-time EV buyers have lots of questions about how to locate charging stations and how long charging takes. Don’t miss an opportunity to educate first time EV buyers by showing them how easy it is to go electric.

Communicate Your Dealer’s Availability of EVs

EVs are growing in popularity and consumers are looking for places to buy their first EVs. Placing publicly available EV chargers communicate to all of your customers that your dealership offers electric vehicles. A highly visible advanced EV charging environment on your lot is sure to garner the interest of customers browsing your inventory, opening the door to new sales opportunities—even with buyers who may not initially be interested in EVs. Visible EV charging stations may entice new car shoppers to take one of your EVs for a test drive.

Increase Brand Awareness

By providing a safe, easily discoverable place for current EV owners to charge their EVs, dealerships can increase brand awareness and create new sales and service opportunities. Many of our charging station partners offer on-screen ads and pedestal wraps to expand your brand outside the dealership. Customized branding on EV charging station can make it more likely that drivers will associate the dealership’s brand with a culture of responsibility and long-term commitment to sustainability. Branding can help identify your dealership and brand with a place where environmentally minded EV buyers will want to purchase their new EV from.


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If your dealership is ready to go electric, Charge Up USA is ready to help as your one-stop-shop turnkey provider of EV charging solutions. Charge Up USA streamlines the process of finding the best EV charging stations, and the best installation professionals, at the best price. No need to spend hours researching solutions, electrical contractors, and shopping for quotes, Charge Up USA will guide you through every aspect of the job from start to finish. Most importantly, there’s no cost to you for the service.


Every Charge Up USA installation partner has been pre-vetted ensuring they are licensed, insured, with proven experience installing EV charging stations from leading brands including: Blink, ChargePoint, Flo, Volta, Tritium, EvGO.

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